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About the Podcast

Join Lyndsey and Sean as they dive into each other's VHS collections, from childhood favorites to obscure gems.

Is Surf Ninjas the classic that Lyndsey remembers? Does pan-and-scan ruin epic blockbusters? Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas's hair as soft and luxurious as it looks? Find out every other week on Tapeheads.

Who Are You?

Lyndsey studied Japanese in university and now works for Corporate America. She likes watching Disney movies and making fancy food.

Sean is a filmmaker who made a movie called Prep School. He likes watching horror movies and drinking fancy beer.

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Getting in Touch

Have any questions, suggestions, or accusations? Just contact us by email at tapeheadspodcast@gmail.com.

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Friends of the Show

Will Price is a composer who created the theme to Tapeheads. You can find more of his sweet tunes on Soundcloud.

Chad Hinds is a winemaker who appeared on our The Saint episode. You can learn more about his fine wines at his website.

Philip Laird is a lawyer and dinosaur enthusiast who appeared on the Adventures in Dinosaur City episode. Here is a picture of a dinosaur.

Chloe Schildhause is a writer and journalist who appeared on the It Takes Two episode. You can read selections of her work on her website.

Chloe Kiester is a comedian who appeared on the All Dogs Go to Heaven episode. You can catch her onstage in the San Francisco Bay Area as one half of the improv duo Moon Unit.