Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen use witchcraft to fight evil Cloris Leachman as Sean makes an out-of-character selection in a very special Halloween episode of Tapeheads.

Talking points: The kids of today aren't getting spooked. An in-depth history of the Olsen Twins and Dualstar. Stilted performances. Trailer talk. A Little Princess. The Secret Garden. Black Beauty. Babies at Play. The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Our First Video. Sleepover Party. The fan club. To Grandmother's House We Go. Quick recap. Children's Halloween party. Phil Fondacaro as Oskar the Clown. Asian jack-o-lantern. The hidden connection between Aunt Agatha and Lynn. The troubling Mr. N. Is this movie racist? Jurgen Wolff. Stranger danger. Witches gathering. Setting the clock forward. Lack of witch costumes. Buy it/rent it/tape over it. More witches.

Posted on October 12, 2015 and filed under Episodes, Sean's Collection, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Holiday Episodes, Halloween.