Episode 23: EVIL DEAD II (w/ Gavin Murray)

Cinematographer Gavin Murray stops by with his VHS copy of Sam Raimi's immortal horror comedy classic Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn, starring Bruce Campbell in his signature role of Ash Williams.

You can check out some of Gavin's work at www.gavinvmurray.com!

Talking points: The death a 25¢ videotape. A psychedelic religious experience. Box art. Army of Darkness. Bruce Campbell gives an incredible physical performance. Ted Raimi as the horror hag. Spider-Man 2. Headless muppet. Lights and colors. The sun and the looking glass. A nonstop powerhouse. Continuity. A manual horror film. Crabs! Ranking the Evil Dead trilogy. Buy it/rent it/tape over it. Brunch. Batman and Robin. Man of the House as a horror film.

Posted on April 25, 2016 and filed under Episodes, Guest Collection.